Debt Free Direct – Final Settlement Problem with HMRC

My partner and I are due to start a family at the end of July and as a result, a family member has offered to loan me the money to pay off my IVA, which in turn would give us more flexibility with our finances.

I wrote to DFD three weeks ago to offer them a final payment and was advised that it would take on average 8-10 weeks before I would hear back about a final decision and was told to wait to hear from them.

I asked DFD yesterday for an update and have now been told that they are now not able to draft a final settlement letter to the creditors due to problems they are having with how VAT is charged on IVA’s and as a result are waiting for HRMC to advise them.

I have spoken and checked with other IP companies I can see that it is a known problem within the industry, however wanted to ask if anyone else has had similar issues with DFD and if so, if anyone had managed to find a way around this?

I find it very difficult to believe that no one who has or had an IVA with DFD has not been able to make a final lump summer offer since July 2011.

I would be grateful if anyone could offer me their advice on how I could move forward with this?


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